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Commercial Roof Leak Repair & Preventative Maintenance

Building leaks are typically one of the first signs pointing to an old or faulty roof installation or improper repair. Commercial roof leaks can be caused by a variety of factors, including faulty seams, construction material failure or simply repeated exposure to the climate (whether it be extreme heat, cold or precipitation). Regardless of the reason, building leaks allow moisture to penetrate, progressively weakening the structure. If ignored, any leak can rapidly and exponentially become a costly job to fix. Now there is a one step approach for the roofer and water proofer. Repairing and restoring commercial building water leaks with EternaBond's waterproof tapes has never been easier.


Eternabond Commercial Roof Repair

Photo Description Product
A Window Installation Eternabond WindowSeal
B Equipment Curbs Eternabond Roofseal & Eternabond Roofseal Plus
C Canopy & Awning Repair Eternabond Roofseal
D Skylights Eternabond Roofseal & Eternabond Doublstick
E Wall Flashing Eternabond Roofseal
F Ductwork Eternabond AlumiBond
G Roof Repair & Installation Eternabond Roofseal & Eternabond Roofseal Plus
H Lap Seams Eternabond Roofseal & Eternabond Roofseal Plus